The mission of Open Access Network (OAN) is to improve internet in the Philippines. We do this by providing more choices for Filipinos and helping Retail Service Providers (RSPs) reach more customers. We are an open-access network provider that designs, builds, operates and maintains communications infrastructure on an open-access basis to give Filipinos the options they need. We work with developers to install Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology for both residential and commercial properties. The infrastructure provides wholesale access to RSPs who provide internet, Cable TV (IPTV) and other IP-enabled services to consumers. In a world where internet connectivity is becoming more essential, Open Access Network ensures that buildings in the Philippines are designed and built with high-speed internet connectivity in mind.
Open Access Network will help you build internet infrastructure that connects people and communities.
Connectivity for all

Whether you are building an apartment, an office building, or any residential or commercial structure, plan to make it fiber-ready. We can help you design and establish high-speed communications systems for new developments and existing properties.

Together, we make it easy for future space owners and tenants to connect to the internet and the rest of the world.

Connectivity for All
More than just internet

Our flexible infrastructure supports more than just data. We help service providers to deliver their cable TV and VOIP services to your properties.

Reach out to us for any communication infrastructure needs and we will work with you to make it happen.

More Than Just Internet
Future-Ready Buildings

We make sure your properties are designed for the future. Every home or business is connected via Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology that supports high-speed internet. All your buildings will be future-proofed and ready to take on changing data requirements.

Future-Ready Buildings
Efficient, High-value Design

Save on CapEx by avoiding the need for duplicate conduit and cabling systems.

Our experts will ensure cost-savings and efficiency using best practices on cable and telecommunications facility management.

Efficient, High-Value Design
Seamless, Simplified Installation

We install our network even before tenants move in — offering a streamlined onboarding process. Designing with internet connectivity in mind will also reduce the visual impact of connection in offices and homes.

Let Open Access Network simplify complex internet infrastructure for you.

Seamless, Simplified Installation Seamless, Simplified Installation
Support and Maintenance

Open Access Network will be with you all the way. We provide ongoing support and maintenance before, during, and after development.

From design, installation, to tech support, and maintenance—we will work with you as you build more connected communities in the Philippines.

Support and Maintenance
We'd love to hear about it and how we can help.